Extreme Martial Arts

Training Footage + BTS Montage from the Hodge/Forsaken fight as seen in SE01EP08! Slay your demons at 9/8c on #Freeform and the following day, internationally, via #Netflix.

Psst. There’s a second level – erm, postcard – at the end if you let it play…

(c) Jasper Byrne – Lone Survivor (Lone Survivor OST)
(c) Toby Fox – Nyeh-heh-heh! (Undertale OST)


Wide and uncut BTS clip from the Hodge/Forsaken fight in Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments SE01EP08! Slay your demons Tuesdays at 9/8c on #Freeform or the following day, internationally, via #Netflix.

(c) Ruelle – Monsters
(c) The Butthole Surfers – Thermador


Martial Arts/Acrobatics – Teaser 2012

(c) The Breeders – Glorious