January 2018

+ Returns to work in South Africa for a third tour; this time to play game ranger and leading man Tom Anderson in Hallmark’s sweeping safari adventure-romance, Love on Safari! Also starring Lacey Chabert and Brittany Bristow.

+ That’s a wrap on Historic Homes of the Future, a challenging sociopolitical drama specifically concerned with the 60’s Scoop in Canada, in which Jon plays a real estate agent with a complicated and convoluted history, particularly when it comes to his adopted sister, played by The Expanse’s Cara Gee.

+ Guest stars as – dun, dun, DUNNN- theWraith in SE13EP03 of the CW’s Supernatural! Honored to’ve been a part of the phenomenon, of such a wonderfully warm and talented cast, crew & production team.

+ Ghost BFF wins at the LA Femme festival!

March 2017

+ Blasts off with the Space Family Robinson in Netflix’s highly-anticipated Lost in Space reboot before touching down for a three-day appearance in London, UK for the Forsaken Event in support of ABC Disney’s Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments this April! Tickets on sale now via @RogueEvents.

+ Catch J.C. in the Nissan Rogue’s Return of the Snowman spot.

+ An interview with Hodge Starkweather via StarryMag regarding all things, well. Hodge Starkweather!

July 2016

+ On location in Halifax, Nova Scotia to shoot a brand spankin’ new network pilot steeped in mystery and seafaring lore based on the YA fiction of the same name – Sea Change – by Aimee Friedman.

May 2016

+ Joins the cast of writer/producer/director Luke Villemaire’s increasingly anticipated and wonderfully meaningful festival darling, Goliath (2017), tackling mental illness! Jon will be playing a brooding homosexual, grappling with the death of and his relationship with his father or lack thereof, a family secret and some brutal sibling rivalry. #WhoIsKyle?

+ 10 Times We Felt Bad for Hodge –

April 2016

+ Eager to know more about the fandom’s beloved #Hotdge? Check out this exclusive pre-season finale interview for @ShadowhuntersTV!

+ The Mini Films’ Adorn, starring Tenika Davis and Jon Cor, lights up the Festival de Cannes’ Short Film Corner! Click here to view the trailer.

February 2016

+ Don’t miss this LIVE in-studio interview regarding all things #Shadowhunters with @Jon_Cor and @AfterbuzzTV!

January 2016

+ An In-Depth Interview with Jon Cor – LITHIUM MAGAZINE

+ “Will Hodge’s storyline get a major twist? Jon Cor on ‘Unpredictable’ Role” – ENSTARS

+ “Talk Nerdy With Us recently invited Jon to chat. Here’s what he had to say…” – TALK NERDY WITH US

June/July/August/September 2015

+ Couldn’t feel more excited and honored to be so warmly welcomed to the world of ABC Family/Freeform’s Shadowhunters as the latest incarnation of Hodge Starkweather; a beloved character and recurring guest star from Cassandra Clare’s wildly popular The Mortal Instruments series!

Official Site

+ Tries his hand at firefighting in Trixster’s upcoming disaster film Deadly Inferno (2016)!

May 2015

+ Signs on to play opposite Tenika Davis (19-2, The Book of Negroes) in a Mini Films’ short/two-hander called Adorn; a raw, hallucinatory and cerebral piece meant to examine – among other themes – the dichromatic and spectral nature of human affection. Written and co-produced by none other than the one and only Mouna Traore (The Murdoch Mysteries, Hemlock Grove)!

+ Begins training with Allen Keng – formerly a member of the Jackie Chan Stunt Team – regularly.

April 2015

+ Recurring as an idiosyncratic mercenary twin on Syfy’s DARK MATTER; a new space opera brought to us by the writers and producers of a lil’ sumin’ sumin’ called Stargate… complete with brain puree-ing stunt choreography! Based on the Dark Horse Comics book of the same name. Set to air in over eighty-six countries.

Oh. Jessica Sipos (Ascension), Ennis Esmer (The Listener) and Conrad Pla (Rogue, Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag) will be there too!


Dark Matter’s #TeamWexler: Conrad Pla, Jessica Sipos, Jon Cor and Ennis Esmer

From left to right: Conrad Pla, Anthony Lemke, Ennis Esmer, Jessica Sipos, Roger R. Cross, Jon Cor, Marc Bendavid, Melissa O'Neil and Alex Mallari Jr.

From left to right: Conrad Pla, Anthony Lemke, Ennis Esmer, Jessica Sipos, Roger R. Cross, Jon Cor, Marc Bendavid, Melissa O’Neil and Alex Mallari Jr.

December 2014

+ Returns to the independent festival-darling circuit with writer-director Matt Campagna‘s next piece, Renaissance, as an alcoholic and lovesick doctor-turned-catalyst. …But of what, pray tell?

October 2014

+ Stars in Thrill Films 2’s upcoming romantic thriller ONLINE IMPOSTOR as the upstanding, ambitious and committed creative director of a reputable ad agency.

+ Appears alongside the Lindsay Lewis in an improvised YouTube video supposedly meant to promote the Mind Reels’ highly-anticipated Guinness World Record attempt.

August 2014

+ Portrays a Frenchman faced with the extremes of love and loss in Men of Characters’ HUNTER’S MOON… while Independent Edge Films and eOne’s TEEN LUST proudly premieres at TIFF ’14!

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times – “

July 2014

+ Signs on to play in Fox’s THE EXORCISM OF MOLLY HARTLEY opposite Devon Sawa and Sarah Lind; following Art Horse Productions’ hysterical and progressive A VERY LONG WEEKEND directed by/starring Ash Catherwood.

On location in Muskoka, ON.

On location in Muskoka, ON.

December 2013

+ Working on writer/director/star Jordan Hayes’ TEN SPEED before returning to Toronto to guest star as a recovering drug addict on CTV’s THE LISTENER in the New Year.

August 2013

+ Joins the formidable cast/team behind Independent Edge Films and eOne’s upcoming comedic feature TEEN LUST (TIFF Official Selection ’14) as an accidentally alluring yet potentially clueless Satanist.

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TV’s Jon Dore meets TV’s Jon Cor! *cue flying funny-sparks*

"Do as thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law..."

“Do as thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law…”

+ Stars opposite Lisa Marcos in an interactive webisode designed for CTV’s PLAYED as a wealthy, suave and hot-tempered foodie involved in human trafficking.

+ Appears in the award-winning musical film PATCH TOWN (Canadian Film Festival ’14 – BEST PICTURE) as an Eastern European henchman, CTV’s SPUN OUT as an enormously successful actor whose career is compromised by the dissemination of personal information and SyFy’s DEFIANCE as Lamu, a Castithan alien.

“Punk. Rock! Punk. Rock!” *slurrrp*